Introvest partners with predominantly international fund managers to expand their institutional client base in Australia and New Zealand.  We provide them with a cost-effective local presence, strategic distribution services and access to our extensive network of investor relationships.  In doing so, we facilitate their ultimate marketing objective – to raise capital.

It is Introvest’s goal to function as would a direct extension of our partners’ sales & marketing capabilities.  To achieve that goal, we develop strong, transparent and highly communicative working relationships with them.  Accordingly, we work hard to both maintain and grow our strong local distribution network - the core of our business and the key to our success.   

To ensure that we are on message and to avoid any conflict, we will only work with one firm within a given area of specialty.  Moreover, we like to represent fund managers with a clear point of differentiation so that we are always bringing something new and interesting to the table for our investor network.

We like any partnership to be exactly that.  A long-term approach is essential to truly benefit from the significant rewards this market offers.  With this in mind, we like to commit to our managers and for them to commit to us.  Funds management marketing is both a challenging and exciting business.  By working closely and aligning our goals, we enjoy sharing that challenge and excitement with our clients.