Consistent Economic Growth
Australia has a vast and rapidly expanding economy and a pension market of distinct global significance - a highly attractive and sophisticated source of capital for asset managers.
One of the World’s Largest Asset Pools
Assets Under Management in the Australian superannuation industry presently total around $2.3 trillion, representing the world’s 3rd largest investment asset pool.
Fastest Growing Assets
Australia is also the fastest growing market in the world, set to become the 2nd largest pool of investment capital globally by as early as 2023.
Top Investors Globally
A continuing trend of consolidation in the industry, in tandem with its exponential growth, will soon see top Australian superannuation funds rank among the worlds' largest.
Strong Demand for Investment Product
The Australian market maintains a relatively high allocation to listed equities, though weightings to defensive and alternative asset classes are ever increasing, as is the trend towards investing internationally.
New Zealand, One of the Most Globalised Economies
NZ Super Fund is one of the world's most innovative Sovereign Wealth Funds. NZ also boasts Commissions, Trusts, Family Offices and a pension system (KiwiSaver) set to total $60bn in assets by 2021.
Commitment Brings Rewards
Success in this market requires significant strategy and perseverance over time. Introvest provides a local presence and entirely outsourced regional sales and marketing function for its partners.
Access to an Established Investor Network
Introvest provides strategic access to its broad and long-established network of institutional investors and gatekeepers in Australia and New Zealand, saving its partners significant time, cost and effort.